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I became familiar with baby signing when I started doing it with my daughter at 12 months old. Now, a year later, I am teaching it to other babies for a living! Why? Because it is honestly the best thing that I ever did with my baby boy and still continue to be wowed by it during her toddler stages and through the babies and parents/carers I teach.

More about baby signing in Kensal Rise

There are so many benefits to signing with your baby/toddler, I could hark on about it for hours! In the early stages it is such a great way for you to develop a really strong connection with your baby. These connections are what build your babies brain. A dramatic statement I know, but true! The more we look into our babies eyes and connect with them and communicate with them, the healthier their brains will grow. With signing this is what you are doing.

As well as connection signing gives the baby an ability to communicate before speech. This lessens frustration and helps them to feel more confident and independent, a great skill to give to babies. Plus, let’s be honest, it’s pretty helpful for us parents as well!

Following on from communication there is the amazing speech development that it encourages. We place so much emphasis on words when we sign that they are picked up quickly and efficiently by the babies/toddlers. Plus we’re giving them constant visual aids to help them recognise objects, colours, weather etc more easily than passing phrases.

If you’d like to learn this invaluable skill then do get in touch and come and join my classes. I teach “Stage 1” for 5 month olds to 14 months and “Stage 2” for 14 months to two year olds. All the signs are taught through songs and rhymes, making it so easy for you to learn hundreds of signs without even trying. Plus babies absolutely love the music so they get so much from the class too.
Connection between baby and mum/carer
Ability to communicate
Confidence building
Learning mechanic

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