About baby signing

Often whenever we talk, we use gestures to communicate, and babies are pretty good at picking them and equally using them to communicate. They’ll raise their arms when they want to be picked and wave goodbye whenever you leave.

Baby signing is important because it helps you develop communication with your baby before they begin using words. It helps you know and understand what your little one is thinking or how they feel before they can tell you.

What is Baby Signing?

Baby signing is using manual signing that allows your young one the ability to communicate desires and emotions before they begin to speak.

It’s a pre-verbal form of communication enabling them to tell you what they want without guessing why they’re crying. Are they tired hungry or need a nappy change?

Babies develop the ability to use gestures faster than speaking. Therefore, it’s important to teach them baby signs to ease the frustrations of interpreting their pre-verbal needs.
Don’t mistake baby sign from sign language – they are two different things. Baby sign is used by hearing parents to their hearing children to help improve how they communicate.

What are the Benefits of Baby Sign?

Gestures are part of normal speech; therefore, teaching children baby sign helps your child learn an important aspect of communication.
Moreover, teaching your kids baby sign helps build a parent-child bond while reducing frustrations helping improve self-esteem for you and your children. It helps bridge a gap giving infants a means to understand everything.

A boost in self-esteem and self-confidence, in turn, makes both parents and babies happier.
Does Signing Help or Hinder Ability to Talk
Contrary to many parents’ beliefs, teaching your toddler baby sign improves their normal speech development. It helps them quickly learn to talk and use new words in their vocabulary.
Signing helps your baby link gestures to a word. Therefore, it’s all about enhancing rather than replacing language.

How to get started with baby signing

There’s no exact time to begin signing because the moment your baby is born, you’ll start communicating with them. However, at the age of 6 months, your baby will be able to communicate using gestures accompanied by sounds. Now this might probably be the best time to begin signing.
And while it’s not necessary to take any special baby signing course to learn how to do this with your little one, many parents find that this is the most fun way to meet and know other parents.
Further, the internet has made things easier to many parents providing them easy access to sites that offer tutorial videos on baby signs and other useful resources necessary in baby signing.

Final Thought

Baby signs are not meant to slow down your baby’s speech development; on the contrary, their main aim is to help enhance your child’s vocabulary while creating ease of communication between you and your young one.
And just like any other new skill, it’s important to teach your child baby signs at his pace by starting with things they’re interested in and keeping it fun.