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Getting Started with Baby Sign Language

You pick up your child from her day-care centre during snack time. You stand back and watch as the toddlers’ motion to the teacher…with their fingertips together. “More? You want some more?” she asks one of the children. The curly head nods and the teacher hands her another piece of fruit. You feel as if […]

Does Baby Sign Language Work?

There are several advocates of sign language for babies but also, there are sceptics at the same time. Can this work when kids are unable to verbalise views and emotions? Many parents have managed to educate their child sign language even at very young ages and most specialists do believe that numerous benefits are associated […]

Baby Signing – Key Points to Succeeding

There are exciting developments today, in teaching your baby sign language. Did you know that you can start teaching your baby sign language at six months of age? It’s very interesting that babies are able to learn sign language before they have the ability to learn to speak. Their little hands have the capability of […]

Baby Sign Language for Premature Babies

Baby Sign Language could prove to be very beneficial for premature babies as they are in a higher risk category for developing a speech delay. Baby signing involves using keyword signs to engage in two way communication with pre-verbal babies. The experts believe that it enhances speech development if used in conjunction with the spoken […]

Baby sign language for blind babies

Some babies are born with blindness or with severe vision impairment. This can be due to many reasons, including anomalies in eye development or even injury to the eye structure. So many of these reasons are unknown or totally beyond the control of medical science. The common diagnosis today are premature birth, bleeding in the […]

To sign or not to Sign: The Benefits of Baby Sign Language

Should you use baby sign language with your toddler? This is a common question among parents worried about how baby sign language would affect their toddler’s speech development. Over the years, there has been increased trend of parents teaching their children sign language. It’s no secret; there are numerous benefits of utilizing baby sign language. […]

Sign Language for Babies

Babies in general have a desire to please their parents and quickly learn the art of mimicry and the importance of facial expressions. Their understanding of the spoken language is something which is far ahead of their ability to actually speak the same words. And their motor skills and ability to point at something also […]

How to Teach your Baby Sign Language

Learning how to teach baby sign language is easy. It really is not as difficult as it may seem. If you are able to teach your baby to wave hello or goodbye then you have all the necessary skills required to teach your baby some simple sign language as well. Keyword signing Baby Sign Language […]

Top 5 Starter Baby Signs you ought to Know

Baby signs are more than just understanding your little one’s basic needs. It helps you understand so much more from your baby especially their emotions and what they feel. When starting out with baby sign language, you’ll need to repeat a few basic signs over and over to help your child learn and master. It’s […]